Future Talks

Day 1
08 Sep 2021

Exploring applications of quantum computing at CERN

The computing and storage requirements for the upcoming High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider programme represent a considerable challenge for CERN and the High Energy Physics community in general. For this reason,...
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Elías F. Combarro
Day 2
06 Oct 2021

From tensor networks to quantum computations of lattice field theories

We will explore U(1) lattice gauge theories with topological terms in D=1,2 and 3 spatial dimensions. For D=1, we scrutinize mass perturbation theory at small positive and negative fermion masses,...
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Karl Jansen
Day 3
03 Nov 2021

Quantum (Inspired) Algorithms for Collider Physics

Particle physicists have developed numerous classical algorithms to process data from high-energy particle collisions.  Computational efficiency is an important criteria for selecting collider data analysis strategies, which is often weighed more...
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Jesse Thaler
Day 4
01 Dec 2021

Quantum Computation for Quantum Field Theories and Nuclear Physics

Theoretical predictions of the properties and dynamics of quantum many-body systems of importance to nuclear physics research, from field theories to dense and/or non-equlibrium matter to systems of neutrinos, require,...
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Martin Savage